Travel Diary – Seychelles

OMG! This was my first thought about Seychelles.
I am still very impressed by the stunning landscape of the island and its beautiful people.

But lets start from the beginning. This trip with my friend Jeannie was probably the most spontaneous one I ever did. In the night before, around 9 PM, we decided to travel the next morning to Seychelles. I was at night shift so I didn’t even had time to pack my bags and went home during my 50 minutes break to do so. I put all necessary things in my little hand carry-on and was ready to for Seychelles!

The next day we met at the airport and were super excited to fly to paradise.
Our flight took around 4.50 hours and was quiet nice with a great view via departing as the airport in Mahe is located directly next to the sea and its kinda breathtaking to be honest.

We had to fill out the little visa paper and immigration went quiet fast then. The staff was super friendly and we felt directly warmly welcomed. Also the transportation is super easy as friendly taxi drivers are waiting outside the airport. They don’t rip you off and take you in modern and nice cars to the resort or place you are staying it.

Jeannie and me chose the Constance Ephelia during our short trip which was definitely the right decision.
This beautiful resort is located on a wonderful beach with a lot of greenery and build in nice architecture.
The price was higher than I would normally pay but totally OK, if you compare it for what you get when you stay at this resort. My friend and me paid fro 2 nights around 200 Euros per person including breakfast.
Additional costs like dinner buffet in the evening were quiet expensive with around 65 Euros per person, excluding drinks.

However the resort offers a wide range of 10 bars & restaurants with various cuisines such as creole on, international, Mediterranean, etc. Find more info here Restaurants & Bars

The room we booked was a Junior Suite and really nice. Modern design, very clean, big bathroom with shower and bathtub and a nice terrace.

The whole resort is gigantic. You can do any kind of water sports there on two coast lines, see the turtles, enjoy your time in the Spa, do fitness or many other great things. Things to do

I really don’t wanna do advertisement as this one is no sponsored post but in my personal opinion the resort is really worth the money. I think its nearly impossible to get bored at this place!

What to do?
So the first day we stayed at the resort, visited the Spa and relaxed and did some snorkeling afterwards which was ok but we didn’t see a lot of fish to be honest.
At 4 PM we went to feed the turtles and this was so much fun!
We tried to use every minute to enjoy to the max and we really did.

For the last day before our way to the airport we called the driver to arrange a little sightseeing tour for us. We payed 120 Euros for a half day tour which is totally OK in my eyes. He brought water and with him and had many insider tips for us.
So we started at 10 after breakfast and took our bags with us so we could go directly to the airport after the it. We started with a tea farm close to our hotel. This factory was surrounded by little plant ages and had a stunning view over the ocean. The shops were unfortunately closed as it was Sunday and people are off but still it was nice to see it.
After that we went to a the mission lodge. This is an old boarding school founded by the BritΒ΄s and is located on the top of a mountain. You have an amazing view over the whole island and its really breathtaking.

After this he took us to the north side of the Island of Mahe and shows us other beaches. Unfortunately it was raining nearly the whole time on the north coast so we didn’t do much outside and went on to the city center of Victoria.
It was really nice to see the temple next to the Church and the colorful and mixed life in the city center.

The last spot of our little tour was the botanical garden as Seychelles are well know for its beautiful flora and fauna.
We saw Coco the Mer, again the giant turtles, beautiful flowers and salamanders and snails in a tropical environment.
The entrance fee of the botanical garden is only 100 rupees , which is like around 7 Euros and totally worth it.
So this was the last spot of the tour and the driver took us back to the airport.

We were sad to leave this amazing piece of earth and its definitely not the last time we will visit Seychelles.
It is beautiful an the people are super friendly and nice. You really don’t have to be afraid to get ripped of or something and we always felt save.

I hope I could share my impressions with you and make you feel like travelling to this stunning place.
I am sure you will love it!


Resort: Constace Ephelia

What to see and what to do:
1. Visit the Botanical Garden to see the colourful floral environment
2. Visit the Tea farm and smell the cinnamon tree
3. Visit the Mission Lodge and enjoy a breathtaking view over the whole island
4. Visit the City Centre of Victoria
5. See the giant turtles at the botanical garden or even better at the Resort to feed them
6. Use the water sports facilities and go for snorkelling, kayaking, stand up paling etc.

There are many many other things to do like trying the zip line at Constance Ephelia or visit the waterfall near by and much more.

Find out more about it here:
Overview Things to do



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