Todd English’s Olives – Restaurant Review

Another weekend another feast but this time we got blown away by the amazing experience we had at Todd English’s Olives.

Tim and I tasted so much good and fantastic food during the last year but this restaurant experience was from another world. No we don’t get paid to write this and this is our real opinion and experience we wanna share with you.

Located at Venetian Village in Abu Dhabi, Todd English’s Olives is a must see place here in the capital. Even if chef Todd English himself is not cooking in this restaurant – he has a genius in it’s kitchen.
Chef Jaime Mendoza is the Executive Chef of the world renowned Todd English’s Olives at the Venetian Village in Abu Dhabi. Originally from Mexico and now here cooking at the capital he is the mastermind of the delicious food of the restaurant. After already 17 years in the kitchen for the brand he is now based here in Abu Dhabi and making so many guests happy with his wonderful tasty creations.
Chef Jaime came personally to our table and introduced himself to us and told us the details about the menu he created for us.

The chef tarted cooking in 1998 as the master chef for the opening of Olives in Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas. Up from then to today he is connected with the TODD ENGLISH himself and his brand.

Tim and I tasted a 6 course menu which chef Jaime created for our visit and which was based on the lunch and dinner card of the restaurant but in much smaller portions.
The signature dish of Todd English’s Olives is the beef carpaccio and this was also Tim’s favorite dish.
Mine was the the lobster bisque which reminded me so much on my trip to Italy 2 years ago together with Tim. The chef brought all the flavors back on my plate and I was just overwhelmed by the beauty of this dish and the rich taste.

Also the other meals were amazing and we really wanna share the things we tried with you.

Selection of house made olive bread
Beef Carpaccio with Avocado Mayonaise (comes with blue cheese polenta cake in the a la carte menu)
Beef Tartar with a bottom of egg mash
Tuna Tartar with Avocado
Lobster bisque

Dumpling with 6 hours slow cooked meat and truffle oil
Scallops, braised short rib polenta, baby corn and spinach
Lambchop lollipop with Spaetzle, mixes mediteranian salad and parsnip mash

Berries & cream
Simifredo (cornflakes with butter and chocolate – bottom, airy hazelnut chocolate topping
Red velvet cake with cheesecake cream
Upside down apple pie
Citrus Pana cotta with Mango drops
Chocolate brownie with whipped cream

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Todds English’s Olives
Venetian Village at Ritz Carlton
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