Thai Massage @ Crowne Plaza Abu Dhabi

OMG! If you wanna feel like new born, you have to try a Thai Massage. I tried my last one in Thailand and on the Maldives and it was beautiful. Even if it’s not relaxing like a “normal massage”, it definitely makes you feel better! I like the stretching and the other movements the Thai lady is doing to your body.

Especially for me, as I have a typical office job with long hours at my desk, I love massages like this.
This time I had the honor to try the Thai massage at Crowne Plaza Abu Dhabi. When I went there I was really curious what it will be like as so many masseurs have so may different styles.

The Spa of the hotel is located in the upper floor where you can overlook the whole city of Abu Dhabi. It is really cool.

I received a warm welcome and a friendly employee guided me to the massage room where the Thai lady was already waiting for me. The atmosphere in the room was very cozy. I went to the changing room which is contacted to the massage room and changed my clothes.
I lied down on the cosy massage bed and felt very relaxed. The lady who’s name is Bang-on was very friendly and so funny. I felt directly familiar and could relax up from the first minute.

She started with the typical technique where they’re pressing some points on your body while you are still wearing the towel. It is so crazy how many nerves and parts of the body you suddenly feel even if it was before like you forgot about it. Hahaha! Then she starts the massage and the stretching, starting from bottom to the top.

I was so relaxed and it felt so good that she released all the pain I had especially in the back. It’s really good that the Thai massage is one where the body is compressed, pulled and stretched as this is helping me much more than a normal one with oil.

To sum up, the massage was really nice and I really enjoyed it. I would love to do it every day as I really feel newborn after the treatment and can really recommend you to try it as well.

You can also tell the masseur about the pressure and advise her during the massage if it’s too “hard” or too “soft” for you. But to be honest, I guess all of them are very experienced and know definitely what they are doing. The same with Bang-on my therapist.
She is working at Crowne Plaza Abu Dhabi already more than 7 years and learned the Thai Massage technique more than 15 years ago, which you can absolutely feel. Its magical!

If you now feel you need a great treatment for yourself, call the Crone Plaza Abu Dhabi Downtown for an appointment and ask for Bang-on!

Enjoy your special treatment 🙂





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