Smoothie Bowl

Matching to our New Years Challenges we would like to introduce you to our favorite breakfast: Smoothie Bowl with yummy nuts, seats and fruits! This doesn’t only look good, it also tastes amazing!

As a lot of you know, Tim and I are trying to lose some weight at the moment and fight against sugar, fast food and all the nice and yummy things. This means a lot of gym, lots of vegetables, lots of fruits, lots of water and this means also no Pizza, no chocolate and no couch potato. But okay, it’s actually not that bad because there are also a lot of other yummy things, such as our Smoothie bowl.
This makes you full and tastes amazing!

1 hand of raspberries
1 half cup of Skyr yoghurt
1 Banana
5 TBSP oats
3 TBSP roasted, flaxseeds + vlueberry mix von 24h Valo über Delinero
2 TBSP chia seeds
some nuts and seeds of KERN energie (über Delinero
2 TBSP cocos flakes


At first give the blue berries, Skyr, the banana and the oats in the blender and mix it well. See that it doesn’t become to liquid and that its more like yoghurt so you can still eat easily with a spoon. If you like to make it a little bit more stiff add additionally more oatas or yoghurt. if you bled everything serve it on a bowl and add some seeds, nuts and dried fruits. We used this yummy mix for itDelinero and also added some nices cocos flakes, Chia and everything you like to decorate it with. Try it yourself and we are sure you will love this great breakfast!

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