Schrimp Salad Party!

Would you like to get some nice shrimp salad?

Last week we were invited to our friends house here in our neighborhood and they served some amazing shrimps and a wonderful salad for us. We had some wine, sat on the balcony and enjoyed the breeze of the ocean. It was such a lovely nice night with wonderful food so that we had to repeat this by ourselves at home the next day.

Especially here in Abu Dhabi you really should try some seafood and fish. Next to a vegetable market at the Mina they also have a great fish market and you can buy it very fresh directly out of the ocean.
So we went there and bought some wonderful shrimp and planned to grill them and make a beautiful salad on the side.

So if some of you are also in the mood for some summer beach feeling, prepare yourself with the following ingredients:

  • Shrimps
  • Mixed Salad of your choice
  • 1 Mango
  • 1 Hand of Walnuts
  • Balsamic Crème
  • Pepper
  • Salt
  • Olive Oil

Prepare the shrimps and lay them with some oil into a bowl. In the meanwhile you can wash the salad and move it into a bowl. Cut the Mango and roast it together with the walnuts in a pan. While you’re doing this, you can put the shrimps already in the pan and roast them together with pepper, oil and salt for a few minutes. Now it’s already time to eat.
Arrange the salad together with the mango and walnuts on a plate and place the shrimps as well on it. Now you’re ready to enjoy a quick & easy dish!

Another small hint:
In case you’ve more prep time and want to have a small variation in this dish, marinade the shrimps some hours before. A great marinade can be made with chili & olive oil or herbs & olive oil. Tasted superb and is a variety.



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