Sho Cho x Brunch

Friday – Brunch Day in Abu Dhabi!
This week: Delicious bites at Sho Cho Abu Dhabi.Timmes and I have been to Sho Cho‘s Friday brunch last week. 🍣🍲🍤🥟🍜
Sho Chos’s menu is contemporary Japanese and has a balance between cooked food and the more traditional Japanese sushi menu. This mix also counts for their Friday brunch!

Sho Cho Abu Dhabi is a modern Japanese restaurant and lounge located next to the marina in Souk Qaryat Al Beri, walking distance from the Shangri-La Hotel.

The outdoor area overlooks Abu Dhabi’s gulf coast and the souk’s private yacht marina. Here you can chill out on the deck, eat solid Japanese food, enjoy especially prepared refreshments and listen to the DJ who spins oldskool hip hop & rnb tunes.

The concept of the al-a-carte brunch is something Tim and I really like to be honest. We not the biggest fans of brunches where you can eat unlimted and huge amounts of food. We rather prefer a nice and good selection with a great quality than the first one.

Regarding the alcohol package, we were positively surprised by the concept at Sho Cho.
You get a welcome glass of champagne and then you can order nice cocktails to the table, after each one you can opt to re-order or also ask the staff for some nice cocktail creations so they can surprise you. The staff was very friendly but sometimes a little bit slow to be honest, even though the restaurant was not fully booked.

Now its time to talk about the most important part: The food!

The starter selection was good. Spring rolls filled with plump prawns with lemon and chilli – the taste was very good. Tuna tatami was on next. It is a mixture of tuna with some garlic, ginger, green onions and soy sauce. It doesn’t look that nice on our picture than in reality but I have to say I really like it!

After this we got the salads. Tim really loved the one with eggplant and I did too! So crispy and tasty! Rather than being the usual mix of normal and boring lettuce leaves, the salads were really delicious and creative.
Beside this yummy bowl we also got one with calamari which was also super good.

But now onto the next one… Shrimp tempura, which looked like the famous dynamite shrimp.
A typical dish for Asian restuarants in the UAE. I am not the biggest fan of this to be honest as I ate just to much of it at PF Chang but Tim was craving for it 🙂

So to sum up, the brunch at Sho Cho is a brunch for people who love raw fish and asian dishes. If you are a fan of that you will definitly like it.
You are able to brunch at Sho Cho for a very small prize and for that the quality of the food is good. It is a nice and casual brunch with cool tunes of the DJ and something you can go with a bunch of people with.

When: Fridays, 12-5 PM
Price: Starting from only AED 165 with soft drinks


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