Raising the Steak Brunch at The Foundry

Raising the steak describes exactly what we did last Friday. We’ve been invited to the well-known restaurant The Foundry at Southern Sun in Abu Dhabi. A fabulous steak brunch with fabulous people and super amazing food (not only the steaks)!

I really don’t know where to start because I am still so overwhelmed by the good food & atmosphere we had. Okay let’s start at the beginning:
The Raising the Steak brunch is taking part at The Foundry restaurant at Southern Sun in Abu Dhabi. Arriving on the restaurant level, the entrance invited us with a super cute dessert station. Nearly next to it you were able to create your own burrata at the burrata bar and if you’d fancy a drink, the Baileys bar as well as the Smirnoff station were waiting for you.
Entering the restaurant even more stations – all decorated in a very nice and special way – were available, such as the foi gras station or the Mexican “food truck” station for quesadillas & tacos.
My absolute favorite was the Poke bar! What an amazing idea! Fresh poke with the ingredients you like, freshly prepared!! Just soooooo good! OMG! Never found a good Poke bowl like this one in the UAE!
Also the other seafood specialties were amazing. Fresh and a super big selection of crabs, lobster, mussels and everything else you are craving for.

steak brunch

steak brunch

But now lets go one with the most important: the steaks! You can choose between XXXXX and the chef will grill the steak live in front of you. Take note how the pros prepare steaks perfect to the second. It’s also very entertaining, seeing all the flames and smelling the grill.
I chose the Korean beef and Tim basically tasted all the steak cuts. All were excellent but the Korean one was the best! I mean the quality of the meat was just superb and the way they gill it couldn’t be done better. Juicy, tender and just so good! It’s not a secret The Foundry knows how to do steaks.

Last but not least the dessert. The restaurant has two dessert sections: One in the middle of the restaurant and one in front of the restaurant. I chose the one in front and had ice cream glaced with sprinkles, chocolate sauce and all together unhealthy stuff you can imagine πŸ˜‰ You can choose whatever toppings you want. Tim went for the other station and didn’t had something healthy neither, he chose the churros with chocolate sauce and whipped cream. Trusting him he said they tasted like in Barcelona.

To sum up, we had a wonderful Friday at The Foundry at Southern Sun in a chilled atmosphere with nice music, even better people and amazing food and great drinks! Tim and I will definitely come back again!

The Foundry at Southern Sun Abu Dhabi

AED229++ Soft Beverage Package
AED299++ House Beverage Package
AED399++ Bubbly Package

steak brunch

steak brunch

steak brunch


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