Oceana “Seafood Night” at Sofitel Corniche

Tim and I have been invited to try out the Seafood night in the Corniche Restaurant at Sofitel Abu Dhabi. We have to say if you love seafood this is a great place do dine.

The Corniche all day dining is the hotel’s main restaurant. It’s located on the ground floor and hard to miss. This is where French and Arabic culinary tastes and flavors meet. It features several live cooking stations with the best of French and Middle-Eastern food and a bakery section with a various selection of breads, pastries and sweets.

Tim and I really love seafood to be honest. However when we first lived in Germany we didn’t eat that much seafood as here in the UAE. I love that you can try here regional fish from the Arabian Gulf and other seafood fresh out of the ocean. Same remains for the Seafood night at Corniche restaurant at Sofitel.
Once we arrived and stelled, we directly asked the staff for their recommendations and regional fish. They provided us with all the needed information and the fresh fish as displayed in front of us so we could choose before the chef was cooking it especially for us.
Also oysters are available but we cannot say anything about it as Tim and I both don’t really like it that much – so we didn’t try them.

However beside all these great frehs fish, we also tried the sushi which was good and some bread from the bakery section. And I have to say, for me as a German this was fantastic. I miss a good selection of bread at most of the UAE’s restaurants and was so happy to find this variety there with lots of different white and brown breads. Yumms!

So to sum up, I like the seafod night and can especially recommend it for seafood lovers. The price is good and the selection of fresh fish is awesome. Especially if you like to eat regional fish and seafood out of the UAE’s and GCC’s waters this is a great place.

By the way, do you actaully know what Corniche means?
A corniche is actually a road on the side of a cliff or mountain, with the ground rising on one side of the road and falling away on the other. The word comes from the French route à corniche or “road on a ledge”.
Okay the road in Abu Dhabi is not exactly on a side of a cliff but still it has its name. It is the promenade that runs from the Emirates Palace hotel to the fish market in Abu Dhabi. Valuable information for those who haven’t been here yet 😉






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