My favorite 5 fitness classes this summer

This week I want to share with you my favorite fitness classes in Abu Dhabi for this summer. There are many ways to beat the heat but these ones are in my opinion definitely the best!

So as you guys know I am a Guavapass member since more than a year now and I just love it. Next to my training with my personal trainer I really enjoy to try different and new things all the time.
So I would love to share my top fitness classes and activities with you for this month:

1. Pilates at Fit & Flex
This pilates class is definitely one of my favorite classes. The lady who is teaching the class at fit & flex is just amazing and the size of the class is small so you practice with around 5-6 ladies. I just love this class because it is challenging and relaxing at the same time. Nice core and strength exercise in a calm and authentic environment with a wonderful and experienced teacher.

2. Float UAE at Westin Golf Club
Just a really fun class! It looks easier than it is though! I went now one time with Guavapass and another 2 times with my colleagues from Siemens as an after work team event. It is always fun and challenging. You cannot stay dry during this class and I promise you will be falling into the water some times. However this is so much fun and the perfect class to beat the heat!

3. Cycling on Hudayriat Island
As written in my other blog post already Hudayriat Island is my new favorite place in town. The island is just huge and beautiful. I love to cycle there in the mornings and to breathe some fresh air. Renting the bike from Yas cycles is around 50 AED per hour and it’s just so much fin. Read more about it here: Al Hudayriat Island

4. My all time favorite: Yoga at The Hot House
I am sure you all know that The Hot House in Al Zeina is my absolute favorite place in town. Their yoga classes are all good and especially the flow Vinyasa and the Restorative classes are a must try! My favorite teachers are Daisy, Michelle & Kate but also all the others are super great! You should definitely have a try if you haven’t been yet.

5. Inspire sports – The trip spinning class
I went only one time yet but this one time was super intense! 40 minutes of cycling can be so hard and so challenging. Mostly I get always bored when I do spinning classes but during this time you easily just don’t have time to get bored at all.
With the huge screen it’s so much fun! The instructor is full of good mood and cheering you up and you feel a little bit like cycling in a nightclub and trough the mountains at once!

Lets give it a try & I am sure you will love it!


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