Happy New Year – HELLO 2017

Today is the day, NYE. We say bye to 2016 and welcome 2017.
Tim and I wanted to take the chance to write a little throwback and tell you about our 2016. It was a year full of excitement, tears and changes.

As many of you know, last year around this time we took the decision to move to Abu Dhabi. I resigned from my job back in Germany exactly on 31 December and made a decision which changed our life completely.
We told our families about it and started to pack our bags. New Years Eve for us was not only start into a new year, it was also the start into a new life.

So we moved to Abu Dhabi, settled down, found an apartment, made friends, found jobs and resigned and started it all over again. Got many visitors from Germany and traveled the world. If you want to make it short you could say it’s like this, but lets out it a little bit more detailed.

We haven’t been really happy in our first jobs here in the UAE so we both found a better position after a short time, which have been the best decisions for me and Tim we took so far this year. We enjoy our life much more now and live the life as we imagined it when we left home and started our adventure in Abu Dhabi.
Those decisions weren’t easy and sure we both had several discussions if they are right. What we learnt about this: We Germans always want security and want to be safe before we leave old things. But sometimes it’s also good to take a risk to be more happy. Much more happy. We took the risks and changed jobs without knowing what will come and if it will be worth it.

Another thing we learnt is that our relationship is much stronger than we thought. We got married in May and it was really the most beautiful day in our life. It was super difficult to arrange a whole wedding from so far away but with the support of our beautiful families and friends it worked out. Thank you guys so much for all of this! You are amazing!

We went trough so many up and downs after this, especially because of our different times. I do shift work and Tim worked from morning to the evening. We didn’t spend much time with each other and rarely saw each other. I traveled a lot and Tim stayed at home as he could not go. He trusts me so much and I am so happy I have all the freedom to explore the world by myself and with my friends. In 2016 I had the chance to fly so many times as I have never flown before with more than, 22 flights in 10 months. I saw so many different countries and got in touch with so many wonderful people and cultures. I wrote many travel diaries and went my first time to Maldives, Seychelles, Muscat, Zanzibar and incredible India.
I made friends with people from all over the world and learnt so much about other cultures and myself.
Just because of this experience we made in one year and all these lovely people we met, the decision we took to move to Abu Dhabi was so worth it.
I would take this one every time again and I am so exited about 2017 and the things we will learn and experience than.

We thank everybody who is supporting us every day, here and in Germany

Thanks to

Saif and family,
Shama and family,
Chiara and the rest of my amazing team,
Jeannie & Steffen,
David and wife,
Robin and Robby,
our car wash boy,
our favourite shisha guy and to our best waitress in town,
Wael, Kristy and the girls,
Henny and Manu,
Nick and especially our beautiful family and friends back in Germany.


This New Years Eve will be a special one for us. It’s our first one since a few years we are not celebrating with our families. Instead of this, our friends Chrisch and Käv came to Abu Dhabi to celebrate with us. We booked a table in one of our favourite venues and are looking forward to a fabulous night full of joy and and an amazing start into the new year.

We wish everybody of you also a great start into 2017!

Jules & Timmes



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