Georgia – Our experience with Holiday Factory

Our trip to georgia this year was a special one!
It’s a special country with special people, a special language and some other challenges. Read more to see why we love it so much and how we think about our package booking with the tour operator Holiday Factory!

Before we start, I just want to clarfiy that this is not a sponsored post. We booked and paid everything by ourselves!

Tim and I went 5 days to Georgia this August and this trip was very different to any other trip we did before.
Georgia is a country where you can still explore a lot! It is not that touristic yet and this is why you should definilty visit it in the next 3 years from now on before the touristic scene changes.

We booked a complete tour package with Holiday Factory, a tour provider from the UAE.
The whole trip was actually quite cheap and the costs were around 1900 AED per person for 5 days including hotels incl. breakfast, transfers and flights from Sharjah to Tbilisi.
The fist impression was good as the guide who picked us up at the aiport in Tbilisi was very friendly and helpful. Also our first driver Nika was very friendl, however he couldn’t speak a word English and the only way of communication was with hands and feet and of course Google translate.

Day 1.

Flight from Sharjah to Tbilisi. Transfer from Tbilisi airport to Bakuriani.
Bakuriani is a small place in the mountains around 3 hours away from Tbilisi. We had booked the Best Western Bakuriani which is a new hotel with a cool and stylish interior. However we didn’t like our stay there at all and we both can’t recommend to travel there. It is actually a ski region in the winter and in the summer we were supposed to hike there or do similar outdoor activities. However it wasn’t nice at all. Everywhere was construction and outside the hotel you could not even walk on the streets. Everything was super dirty and the streets were full of animal excrements so you litereally stepped into shit.
The people were friendly at the hotel but only 1 or 2 employees spoke English.
Additionally you could hear everything from other guests and you were bothered with lots of noises day and night and the room was unfortunately not very clean as I found things of previous guests you really dont wanna see (i.e. a fake, used fingernail). I could continue with a long list of other stuff but guess I should continue with the positive stuff now…
So good thing of the first night was the dinner in the restaurant. We had good food and nice wine so we slept well in the end.


Day 2.

Another day in Bakuriani and it was raining all day long. So we decided to try out the spa area in the hotel which is quite nice. They have 2 jacuzzis, a steam room and a sauna. It was cosy to lie down there and relax but that’s all.
In the evening we were hungry and wanted to go up to the hotels restaurant to order something to eat. However the restaurant was booked for a private birthday so all we could do was go back down and wait until 9 pm as they told us that they will serve food then again. We went up and the whole birthday crowd was super drunk, so we decided to go back down again and order soemthing to our room.
We texted our tour guide and asked him kindly to send someone to pick us up early the next day so we finally were able to leave this place.

Day 3.

We were supposed to be picked up at 9 am in the morning. The driver came at 9.15 am, however other guests didn’t come down until 10.15 am and none gave any effort and calling them or asking them to come earlier so our transfer could leave – so we wasted more than another hour waiting in front of the hotel to leave Bakuriani.
When we finally departed, our car had problems after 1 hour of drive and we needed to stop all the time as the driver was checking the car. It sounded like a flat tire. The driver tried to fix here and there and then in the end, it didn’t make a noise anymore and we reached Tbilisi after 4 hours drive around 2 pm.


Arrived in Tbilisi, we checked into the Hotel Ivera Inn. I like the hotel much more then the previous one. The people all spoke fluent English and it was easy to communicate. They were very friendly and helped us with every request & question we had.
The only disadvantage of that hotel was that it was quite far away from the city center. It took around 25 minutes and around 20 AED / 5 Euros for the taxi. This wasn’t too bad to be honest but for the next time I would just choose a hotel in the city as it is much easier and less time spent on the road.

Day 4.

Our first real day in Tbilis & was a great day!
Even it was raining we made the most out of it. We actually wanted to book tours with Holiday Factory but after contacting them several times none came back to us, so we decided to do our own thing.
I found an account of a tour guide on Instagram and that there is a group offering free tours around the city of Tbilisi. We booked a spot for an alternative tour at 12 pm and drove to Fabrika hostel were it was supposed to start.
The guide introduced herself and we introduced each other to the other guests as kind of a group warm-up. It was a super nice thing as we all made friends easily and started to walk all the sights on Tbilisi’s left bank.
I give you all the tips in our Tbilisi Highlights post: HERE.

Day 5.

Another Day in the beautiful city of Tbilisi and we signed up for another free walking tour. Initially, we planned to book a tour to Khaketi, the wine region in Georgia, but again Holiday Factory wasn’t motivated to do some sales as it seemed. Anyways, it was a good decision to go for another city tour. The tour was a walking tour to the old town and the old sights like the sulphur baths, the cable car, mother of Georgia etc. But find more information about this HERE.

Day 6.

Last day in Tbilisi.
Tim and I decided to go again to the city and have breakfast there. We got ready, checked out the hotel and drove into the city centre. We sat down in one of our favorite coffee places in the city and had a great breakfast for a really good price. By the way, everything in Gerogia is so super cheap!
After this we strolled around the city again and went a last time to dry bridge fleamarket and bought some souvenirs.
At around 1 pm it was time to go back to the hotel as the transfer pick up was supposed to be at 2 pm.
The bus came at 2.45 pm and we went to the airport. The guide said hello but that’s it. No goodbye or anything at the airport and not compareable to the first guide we had, and welcomed us when we arrived the first day.


The trip was cheaper than any other trip we did this year and it was a great possibility to travel to Georgia the first time. However if we would go the next time we would definitly book it by ourselves as you have many options for hotels and drivers etc. in Tbilisi itself.
I really did not like the service of Holiday Factory in Georgia itself and was disappointed about the tour booking etc. However the service upfront was very good by Holiday Factory. When we booked the trip they contacted us and it was very easy to do all the arrangements with them.





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