Facial at Anahata Spa x Marzia Clinic

Hey Ladies & Gents,
this time I wanna tell you more about my experience at Anahata Wellness Spa. I was invited to try out their new facial product line of Marzia Clinic and I wanna tell you how I liked it.

So let’s start with the facts:
Anahata Wellness Spa is a beauty salon and spa in Khalifa City, Abu Dhabi.
The special thingis that it is a holistic wellness center offering quality of life for its clients through an ideal combination of natural products and professional expertise provided in a cozy ambience.
The villa is huge and a little bit hidden in the streets of Khalifa City, Abu Dhabi but very beautiful from the inside and so spacious.

The reason why I was invited to come over was because of the launch of Marzia Clinic in Abu Dhabi. Anahata Spa was the first beauty salon who is using Marzia CLinic for their facials and I got the chance to try it out and here is the reason why: Because both brands are specialized on holistic cosmetics.


At the base of the holistic cosmetics proposed by Marzia Clinic thereโ€™s the passion and the interest in alternative therapies, natural remedies, Traditional Chinese Medicine and psychosomatic. Marzia Clinic has created the “HOLISTIC METHODS”, a work system that allows the beauty and wellness professionals to reduce and eliminate the superficial skin concern and, at the same time, to heal the inner malaise that is the real cause of the blemish.

The “HOLISTIC METHODS” originate from a very important concept: the skin never lies, but clearly reveals our health condition and lifestyle. Every concern that appears on our skin is actually an inner imbalance related to high peaks of physical and emotional stress, bad habits such as imbalanced diet, abuse of smoke and alcohol etc.

So that it so far about the holistic approach. Now more about the different products and the facial:
Marzia Clinic is an Italian brand and is offering DermoBio Molecolareยฎ cosmesis, an innovative line of cosmetic products developed with molecules that are vital for the skin.

The positive fact about it is that the care is produced of 100% natural key ingredients, in order to avoid negative side effects that can derive from synthetic raw materials, petroleum derivatives, parabens and preservatives. At the base of these eubiotic and ortodermic products thereโ€™s the Oxygen-stimulating Molecular Complex, a pool of molecular small-sized natural key ingredients able to reach the connective layer passing through the basal layer of the epidermis, where it trains new cells to use oxygen in a correct way in order to increase their vitality.

Thanks to this innovative system, the key ingredients of cosmetic products can pass through the superficial cellular barriers and reach the regenerative layer of the skin. Moreover, it has great hydrating and epithelizing properties, grants the correct respiratory quotient to skin cells in order to stimulate cellular metabolism. The DermoBio Molecolareยฎ CromoAroma Face line provides a highly specific cosmetic response to face the main skin blemishes on face with an innovative, complete and efficient treatment method.

So in short:

  • Everything is 100% natural made from plants, flowers etc.
  • There are different types for different skin types
  • The colors you can choose are orange, red, green, blue and purple

I chose the blue skin treatment which is made for sensitive skin and it was really good for my face. My skin was glowing afterwards without beeing oily what is usually my problem.

So all in all, I really liked the treatment and it was super nice to try it out as I usually don’t spend money on facials and prefer to a salon go for massages. Maybe I should try it more often and go again for the 75 minutes treatment which includes as well a back massage ๐Ÿ™‚



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