Breakfast Club at BU!

Finally! BU! launched its very own Breakfast Club in town! Something I am really excited about!

As many of you guys know, I am such a breakfast lover. Doesn’t matter if savory or sweet, I am always up for breakfast, no matter what time of the day it is.
Usually Tim and I have breakfast at home. We rarely go out here in the UAE, only when we have staycations, we do have our morning meal at the hotel. So usually we have homemade banana bread, overnight oats or pastries & bread in the morning. On the weekend Tim is even baking pancakes for me or is doing some other fancy stuff but we usually never leave the house.

So maybe this will change now?! After we went to BU!’s Breakfast Club we really got excited again about having breakfast outside our own 4 walls – in a restaurant or cafe – and BU! is the right place to be.

BU!’s breakfast club starts every Saturday at 10 AM and you have the chance to come for breakfast until 5 PM. Isn’t that insane? Basically it’s ALL DAY BREAKFAST!!! I think I’m in love.
You order a la cart and have a great selection of pancakes, avocado bread, eggs, oats and all other amazing breakfast dishes.

What I really enjoy about it is the nice, chilled atmosphere. BU! is a nice place to visit with your family but also great to chill with your friends. The location’s design is modern and fancy. They have a big indoor venue and a huge outdoor terrace in the middle of the city.

So of you’re now excited as well, you should check out the below dishes. This is what we really can recommend as we ordered the following:

açaí purée | tapioca | chia seeds | mixed berries | toasted
almonds | dehydrated coconut | banana

fried eggs | crispy bacon | black beans | chipotle sour
cream | crispy tortilla | fiery avocado | pico de gallo

poached eggs | spicy tomato sauce | crumbled feta |
jalapeño | pita bread

smashed avocado | crumbled feta | tomato salsa | chili flakes
| whole-wheat sourdough | house salad
* Add poached egg for AED 6

wild berries | spicy chocolate sauce | dulce de leche | date ice-cream

They do not only have breakfast dishes but also some good drinks and smoothies:

orange | carrot | beetroot

espresso | fresh milk | ice | vanilla ice-cream

…and totally traditionally Cappuccino and Espresso.

Breakfast Club BU

Breakfast Club BU

Breakfast Club BU

Breakfast Club BU

Breakfast Club BU

Breakfast Club BU



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