Bocca – Hilton Abu Dhabi

Tim and I have been invited to Bocca at Hilton Abu Dhabi Corniche.
One of the oldest hotels in Abi Dhabi with a long tradition. I have been to the Hilton already in 2009 and still remeber good nights at the Jazz Bar and to be honest since then I have never been back there so I was even more excited when we got the invite to try Bocca, Hilton’s Italian Restaurant.
When we arrived at the hotel we got welcomed in a very warm way by the staff and also at the hotel itself.

Together with 6 other people from the Media we enjoyed a very nice and relaxed evening and got pampered by chef Leonardo and the rest of the Bocca Team.
We really felt like we got invited to someones home in Italy as the dishes looked simple and also the ingredients were quite simple. Everything tasted very good and you really tasted Chef Leonardo is cooking for many many years and that he is a real Italian chef.
My absolute favorite dish was the Risotto. It reminded me a little on the German Huehnerfrikassee from its consistency and the look. However it was better than any Huehnerfrikassee I ever cooked 😉 heheh!

It was fresh and I didn’t feel that heavy after the dish as I ususially feel when I eat Risotto. So i really like it.
Another thing I really enjoyed was the beef capaccio, it came with homemade mayonnaise which was delicious. However the mayonnaise portion was for my taste a little bit too much and I would have preferred it less. But it was very good!

The chef added typical Italian dishes to the menu like his famous agnolotti filled with cod, grilled trout fillet & pan-fried veal liver. Yummy! Tim didn’t like the liver very much as it’s not his type of food but he really really liked the rest of the dishes!
I got a whole gluten free menu served and I was super happy with it as it was sooo good! And again big thanks to the chef and team for doing this for me 🙂

To complete the tour through Venice, aka the ‘Floating City’, we got such a delicious dessert: Fritters filled with pastry cream. #Yummy

Chef Leonardo said to us during the dinner that he recommends people who enjoy Italian cuisine to try the very special dishes of Venice because it is very authentic and simple but soooo good! We trust him and experienced it ourselves!

For a table reservation you can call: 02 692 4247.



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